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‘Back to the future’

‘Back to the future’

We all knew this would happen, yes even you! Technology is taking over once again but this time the gadgets have grown in size and they are taking over our roads.

Earlier this year (2016) the government gave the big thumbs up for driverless car projects to be started within the UK. Yes that’s right we said it, driverless cars. These extraordinary gadgets allow you to get in the car and be chauffeured around without the awkward small talk and expensive suits. You are able to take in the pretty views on a lovely summery day and experience a stress free long hall journey on the road.

These super cars of the a future we all thought was light years away, will provide you with the technology needed to get you to and from destinations safer, faster and more smoothly. Not only are they said to increase the safety of drivers but also increase the safety of the passengers and pedestrians within the community. Driverless cars like the one that Google is testing at the moment, will have programs installed within them, which will alert drivers on congestion, accidents, and hazards that are along their route.

It is inevitable that the advanced technologies will affect every thing that you do, that is why we argue that it is so important to keep up with the forever-changing world. Later this month we will be launching the Crashmate accident kit as an app. Accidents happen and it is important to make sure that precautions are taken. This app will enable you to have your accident kit to hand 24/7 whilst you are on the move. It is very easy to follow and there are only 7 simple steps to support you though a stressful situation.

But remember, as great as technology is, be careful not to rely too much on it. Always have a Crashmate car kit handy with you on the move in the glove box of your car or in the boot, as a back up in unfortunate circumstances.

Don’t take the risk!

Remember….. Be prepared, Stay alert! Stay safe!

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