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Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week

During Road Safety Week we are campaigning “Drive Less, Live More” – however we do understand that it won’t be possible for all of us to participate. Here at Crashmate we would like to give you some tips to keep safe on the road when driving.


1. Anticipate hazards – Be aware of bends, blind spots, dips and hidden cars.

2. Slow down when approaching a junction – take your time to look left-right-left before moving on.

3. Take frequent breaks – if driving for a long period of time be sure to stop at service stations to help remain alert.

4. Take care when overtaking – Always check your mirrors before and after overtaking and remember to take extra care when overtaking cyclists/ pedestrians or horse riders.

5. Do not use your mobile/ any devices whilst driving – there are enough hazards whilst driving, there is no excuse to distract yourself by answering a phonecall.

6. When road conditions are compromised slow down – whether it is rain, snow or fog, increase your stopping distance to allow for loss of visibility.

7. Do not exceed speed limits – remember speed limits are absolute maximum – not the average speed to be reached

8. If being tailgated, do not feel pressurised to speed up – Tailgating is extremely dangerous; combining this with high speeds could cause a dangerous collision when braking.


Please do all you can, not only this week but throughout the year to stay safe on the road.

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