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‘You used to call me on my cell phone’

‘You used to call me on my cell phone’

We are all guilty of using our phone whilst behind the wheel and it would be hard to deny that you have not done so since it was made illegal to use a hand held phone in 2003.

Despite it being illegal to use your phone behind the wheel surveys, studies and statistics have shown quite the opposite. Those between 17-24 years old were found to be the worst culprits. It has been suggested that motorists that use their phones are more likely to be texting, making phone calls or using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat.

Picking up your phone to post a picture, like a status or have a quick natter with your loved ones have serious consequences. Did you know that 1 in 4 road collisions are caused because the driver has used a mobile phone use whilst being behind the wheel.

Even more shocking statistics presented show that out of 18,000 participants…

7,000 lost concentration while behind the wheel

548 of those had very near misses

106 had actually been involved in a crash of which many have been injured

88 deaths had been a consequence

Technology is tempting however the question you ought to ask yourself is, is it worth the risk? Using your phone can distract you from on coming traffic that even a person under the influence is able to see. We advise you to put your phone in your bag, in your glove box or completely out of sight on silent, that way there is no distraction and the temptation is not there.

Just because you have read this advice, stopped and thought, does not mean that others have. It is the most frustrating thing to be blamed for something that was never your fault. The evidence that you are not at fault is possibly there – all you need to do is record it. So remember to always have a Crashmate kit in your glove box or somewhere that you are able to put your hands on whilst out on the road. This will protect you in a number of ways if such unfortunate circumstances were to happen.

Don’t take the risk!

Remember….. Be prepared, Stay alert! Stay safe!

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