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Your First Trip on the Motorway

Your First Trip on the Motorway


That drive towards the motorway for the first time can be terrifying but with less roundabouts, turns and stop/start driving, the motorway can be a lot simpler than city roads; in fact they are the safest roads to drive on!

– On the motorway you will find a lot of road signs so it is best to brush up on your understanding from your theory test.

-Check you know where you’re going, whether you’re following road signs or a sat-nav – getting lost on the motorway can cause you to panic and travel a lot further than necessary

-Move into the correct lane with enough time

-Do not attempt to change lanes last minute, take your time and move over before the exit arrives

-Before overtaking, remember to indicate and check your blind spot – it is easy to forget about the motorcyclists passing by

-Keep a safe and longer stopping distance between you and the car in front as you are traveling at high speeds

-Stop at a service station if you become tired on your journey


The main thing is to remain calm and you’ll discover how easy driving on the motorway can be.

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